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The book “Bread Givers” gives us insight of the struggles an immigrant family went through. I found the father in this story an obstacle in his daughters lives. He had the idea that if he had to marry off his daughters with a rich husband. Unfortunately, the men they loved didn’t meet his expectations so they were forced to marry into a life they did not chose for themselves. His daughters provided the income for the household while, he stayed at home praying. Sara, one of his daughters really got to experience what it was like to be independent and survive on her own. She realized while doing this that it was challenging. This story really showed you what it was like to be an immigrant in America and how difficult it was to survive back in the day. Forced to work at a young age in order to provide for your family. Having to ration food among each one in order to be able to eat. I really found this story very interesting!!!

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  1. The father was a very frustrating character, especially when it came to what you mentioned of the family having to ration out food while he refused to work. While he was so preoccupied with being a good Jew, he failed to be a good father. He watched his wife and kids struggle to make ends meet for the family while continuing to only reap the benefits. For example, he occupied the largest room in the house before they began to rent out the space and always took the best parts of the already meager dinners they had. Most interestingly, the mother also affirmed and even defended this unbalanced dynamic despite it negatively impacting her as well as her kids.

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