Bread Givers -Kyree Ford

 This week’s reading bread givers go over a sad reality that many people had to face growing living as an immigrant. This book told the story of Sara And her family and their struggles as a Jewish immigrant with Polish dissent. The family is poor they work paycheck to paycheck and none of their dollars are able to find stable or work to provide for their family. Reb The father of the household does not work or has any motivation to work because he has devoted his life to God so therefore he has no time for a job. His daughters are without jobs and the family is severely struggling to make ends meet. Instead of Reb going out and finding a job to provide for his family he insists that his daughters must marry affluent men. His wife and his daughters have been supporting him for a very long time and he now wants his daughters to marry men that can continue to support him so he can live his life dedicated to God and not have to get a job. His daughters resent the way that he is because they have to work hard and do difficult jobs for a little pay and The daughters get little recognition from their father they get little support they are constantly belittled. These men that their father chooses are it from a place of love it is a place of monetary gain. These suitors that Reb tries to get are often compatible with what his daughters actually want. To escape her father Sara needs to become independent she needs to leave the place she grew up and worked and she needs to leave her family in pursuit of the American dream. She wants a better life for herself one where she doesn’t have to want for anything and can be independent by herself.

One thought on “Bread Givers -Kyree Ford

  1. Hi Kyree,
    Awesome job! I agree that Breadgivers could be quite a hard read at times. Also, I do have to admit I agree with you and your judgment of Reb as a deeply flawed character. I thought most of his actions throughout the book were inexcusable, even with the personal and historical context we got about them.

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