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As I was reading the article, I noticed how getting your DNA tested is such an outreach idea. People become curious as to who they are and want to find out more. They go to seek answers past their parents, relatives and even their family photo albums. As DNA testing has become more accurate, it attracts people’s attention and can solve the answers they’re looking for.

Personally I have always wanted to try DNA testing to find out mote about my identity but like stated in the article, there are suprises. People tend to find out things they were not prepared for. After all, it is teling you exactly who you are and who you are not. Thats an intimidating topic to have suddenly brought up to you.

As Plebuch was hunting down who the true Jewish relative was, it occurred to me that many people are a part of something they had no idea. Our blood lines go past thousands of years, a tiny strand of DNA coming down after each generation, in theory making us today. But throughout history, we see that so many identites get covered and people tend to pass as something they are not, due to the societal standards and the racial unjust that not only America had held throughout time.

It made sense to me why Plebuch hadn’t known that she was just partly Jewish, because there is so much that happens before we are born that just get sweeed under the rug and hope nobody decides to look under and realize how dirty the rug is.

It was good to read this article because we experienced someone who was confident, not know who they truly are and go to the lengths to figure it out.

3 thoughts on “DNA Testing

  1. I really like your comment about how people can live their whole lives as a member of a community they are not genetically technically part of, or not in a community that they are in fact genetically part of. I think this can be thought of when we go back to our class material and the amount of times that immigrant populations were discriminated against but individuals that passed as “white” were not targeted. I think that this leads into the question of if your DNA or your upbringing really forms your identity and can be applied to most of our class material especially legal and discriminatory actions.

  2. I really like your post. It’s true, that when doing DNA testing it can be a little scary at times, and somethings the results will shock you along the line of who you really are. I feel, that with the new technology becoming available to help people track down their DNA, it makes me wonder and question. Based on some test results. that identifies who you are, does that mean that who truly has to be someone who does not want to be, or do you find ways in embracing your new identity?

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