Gasa Gasa Girl

Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp is a novel written by Lily Yuriko Nakai Havey. The novel is centered around Yuriko’s memories and recollections of her life during the start of World War II which she spent majority of her childhood in internment camps. We learn that Yuriko and her family were sent to the Tale Lake camp after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She speaks about being excited as a kid to hear she was going camping. She wanted to rekindle her relationship with her father by joining him in outdoorsy activities which he seemed to enjoy with her older brother. However, Yuriko quickly came to the realization that her and her family were in fact not going on a camping trip but a camp where they would essentially become prisoners. Yuriko recalls her father relapsing back into alcoholism worse than ever before and dives deeper into the past to share with us his long standing battle with alcohol. We also learn about Yuriko’s mother and about how she endlessly fought to follow her desires to become a seamstress. Yuriko also shares endless stories her mother shared with her about life in Japan and leaving her family to travel across the ocean to meet and marry. We also get to experience, through Yuriko’s words, the tiresome journey of being being to a different camp as a Japanese detainee. Through her words on her recollections we are able to imagine, live through, and get a taste of how life during Japanese internment would of felt like to a child and her family.

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