Kyree Week 8

The novel Gasa Gasa  girl goes to camp written by Lily Yiriko Nakau Havey Explores another dark chapter in American history. The Japanese American woman gives us a collection of her writing sharing her experiences and her her life before and after going to internment camps that her family were sent to during World War II.

Life is not always easy, she explained in internment camps. It was basically like a prison. They had small beds made of hay. They live together as a family in a small room and it was not the safest situation for a young girl. We learned that internment camps had “normal“ activities such as camps and classes but it was Japanese and Japanese American people being forced into these poor conditions because of xenophobia and fear. This reading allows us a unique experience into a young girl’s experience living in internment camps in America. Not only does she give us the letters to document her story by writing, she also gives us pictures and her artwork so we can better understand the true living conditions and what she experienced during this dark chapter in American history.

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  1. I agree with your post. This was a dark chapter in American history. From what I have read about the camps, I would have to say that it was not easy. This book, not offer the reader a view into the life of the camps told through someone who experienced it first hand, but to show the life of how hard it was in the camps.

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