Kyrees week2 post

The first reading shows us how the power of language and misunderstanding can end up in a bad situation. I found it interesting how the European people just decided that he was a slave and sold him into slavery without even hearing his story or attempting to find a translator. He was educated and able to do things that other slaves were not able to do. This should have given their European people an idea that he was not what they thought and he was more than an ordinary slave. Luckily he was able to find someone that spoke his language and he was able to get back home to his family.

The second reading was the story of a skilled indentured servant. This reading sheds light on the vast economic system that is seen by indentured servants. I also liked how religion was used as a beacon of light. He used it to keep him motivated and he often called on God to help him get through the day. Many times through history religion is used to oppress people but it also gives them hope for better days. I am glad that this use of religion is constant even in this story.

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