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Both texts rave about the benefits of their American immigration and how wonderful their lives are now. Interesting to note is how these letters are addressed and written. They are not like conversations they mention things with the delayed sense of news that would exist in trans-Atlantic mail. Such as when Willhem Stille asks if his family is still alive, things like this are an interesting window into their lives and what they are worried about. Wilhelm also speaks on how advice for a relative to come over to America and explains with financial means why American life is better. He also comments on the American work ethic of working harder than most Germans in a day. With Kummer as well in his letters he advocates for chain migration and of the benefits and details of American immigration. Within these letters also was a mention of what was very close to my own last name, Schultz. My family immigrated over to America somewhere around the late 2nd wave of immigration to Ohio doing seasonal work on the railroad so it is fascinating to see these German’s stories.

Weitz more so that the other readings writes about the political climate of that time. The know-nothing party acting about their anti-immigrate ideology or a brawl in Cinicate that “the Germans won”. He seems to be talking about the reality of the immigration and within the letters greatly contented with his family back home eventual encouraging chain migration to America. From a decedent of these German immigrants, it is enlightening to see their early experience, where ever that is dealing with street gangs and violence or creating the American Dream like Stille it is an American story.

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  1. Although both writers talk about their good experiences, I think it is important to note that they talked about their struggles as well. For them, the US was good because they had the opportunity to find jobs and work, but the amount of work and the cost of living was high. As well they lose family members to disease and warn their family against coming if they are ill prepared.

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