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The Architecture of Race In American Immigration Law explores the complex issue of immigration law in the United State while foucing on the immgration act of 1924. The nativist movement that culminated in the passing of the act  is a slice of life from the time period and how Americans looked at immigration. Though the idea of quotas and a general restriction of immigration from certain areas is contrary to the idea of American and what these people who passed the law said they were about. The idea that these nativists pushed for the delusion of constant immigrations even though their family themselves came to America only one or two generations back. There is also the obvious restits idea of having preferred races over the Asian immigrants rathers than the european immigrants being preferred. This is act is also around the idea of Eugenics taking hold in america so it justify may racist policies in a puedo scenes that people could cling to. The institution of someone who is nativist does not make any sense in the American context. As most americans during the time were descendants of the immigrants and some even from those areas that now had quatta, so a Nativist argument fundamentally makes not sense. The native Americana got no say in a quota on the amount of white Europeans were coming over from European to take over their land and country. So the idea the nativism is rooted in a physical location is not acquire to understand. Where it does is with the dominant culture of the nation or some ideas of Nationalism making so that people care about their nation’s culture or ethic “purity”. Ideas like this exist throughout America history and all throughout the world at different times.

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