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The reading by Bluett provides an interesting perspective on the European view of African natives. The memoir as they call it seems to be both fascinated and revere the Job character and to look down upon him. The noble savage motiff is strong with this one or the white man’s burden. For example he seems surprised when he is able to hand complex problems like fixing watches and other mechanical duties. Also a large portion of the reading revolves around religion in one shape or another. Instances like when trying to figure out if he is muslim by doing test that see his ability to say Allah or other Arabic terms. This memoir also seems to be creating a case for JOB of his “civilization”. This makes for and interesting perspective on the European treatment and beliefs of native Africans.

The second reading about an indentured servant’s story in early America. To see a primary account of someone’s journal of everything from daily life to the going ons of a more politically active America. The benefit of this type of primary sources is that usale methodical nature of recording, some of the most important thing can be the sly mention of a minor event. For example one entry on Monday 22 of August, he describes how they plant wheat a sow by plowing the land while corn is still up. Also the account of Horse races in Fredericksburg and marking the winnings of each person. Tell a rich narrative of life in early America.

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  1. I also noticed the almost condescending tone Bluett had towards Job! His surprise of Job’s intellect and abilities, as you mentioned, as well as giving him the New Testament to read, even though Job was Muslim, as if pushing Christianity. In Harrower’s diary, I also appreciated the description of daily life, which provided insight into the reasons one would become an indentured servant, the voyage to America, and generally what life was like at the time, particularly as an indentured servant, albeit a well-educated indentured servant with, presumably, a higher quality of life than others.

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