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These two readings both covered the topic of forced immigration in the topic of slavery as well as indentured servitude. The first reading followed a young African, who is the son of a high priest in Boonda. He was regularly sent to deal slaves to merchants in exchange for livestock and money but was abducted and given away as a slave by a rival group in the area. JOB is taken to Maryland and forced to work as a tobacco farmer, due to his lack of labor experience he ends up tending for the cattle on the plantation where he often snuck off to tend to his religious devotions. JOB does not understand English which creates miscommunication and lands him in prison for some time. After his release he tells a negro man who understands his language about his situation. In 1733 JOB travels to England and begins to learn English on the journey. During his time in England JOB creates friends and is able to meet members of the royal family and establishes himself. He finally returns home to Boonda after his time in England. I found this article somewhat sad in the fact that he was a prominent member within his region of Africa and was then stolen without a trace and sent to work as a slave. A case of mistaken identity and a language barrier cost him several and very difficult years
The second article deals with the life of John Harrower. Harrower, like JOB is also a forced migrant, however his story is quite different. Harrower was very poor with very few options and was obligated to go to Virginia to become a school master. Since Harrower was an educated man, he was faced with many more opportunities to relive himself of his debt more so than less educated people in his position. Since Harrower was an educated man he was able to record his accounts in writing allowing us to understand and view his experiences as an indentured servant

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  1. Yeah, I also found the personal accounts of early American immigration to be interesting and educational. How Job ends up going on a terrible odyssey due to place of origin and culture and language. Even though Job’s story is unfortunate it is also a story that tells what happens to those who are left out.

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