Week 10 blog post

Blue collar and Buddha deals with the immigration of South-East Asian refugees into an Illinois town and the struggles that they faced. During the film, a Buddhist temple located within the conservative Midwest town was the victim of a pipe bombing. The video is told from the perspective of the towns people and their opinions on the Laos immigrants who reside within the town. Many of the interviewers, both young and old expressed great amount of prejudice and discontent towards these people. This documentary also shines a light on the religion of the Buddhist practicing Laotians and the majority Christians who live there. They develop and possess multiple religions between Christianity and Buddhism. One example of this is how they practice both Christianity as well as Buddhism at the same time while others are converting some into full blown devout Christians. This documentary was interesting because it showed the social and cultural struggles that South-East Asian refugees experience in the decades following the Vietnam war. However, I was not surprised that the immigrants faced prejudice and racism from the united states because of the patterns we have witnessed from other immigrant and minority groups that have entered the united states prior to them.

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