Week 2 readings

The two reading were examples of forced migration. The first reading followed the story of JOB, who is the son of a high priest in Boonda. One day he was sent to sell two slaves by the river and he ended up being taken as well. JOB is taken to Maryland and forced to work, because JOB does not know English, this leads to miscommunication and he is put in prison. After he is released he tells a man who knows his language about his situation. In March 1733 JOB heads to England and begins to learn English on his voyage. After going to England, he is able to return home. I found this article to be very powerful and also shows perspective on not being able to communicate due to language barriers.
The second reading follows the life of John Harrower. Harrower, who is also a forced migrant, but has a very different story from JOB. Harrower was down to his last shilling and was obligated to go to Virginia to become a school master. Harrower, being an educated man, had a lot more opportunity than most indentured servants. Having a stronger educational background, Harrower was able to write down his accounts of the beginnings of the United States, as we see in his longer journal entries.

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