Week 3 Blog Post

In the reading by Martin Weitz, he basically gives us an insight on the his life journey to America and why he had to leave his home. His home town was not looking so good with harsh climates and the poor wages. Weitz was a young man who came to America to work in order to provide for his family back home and to give himself a better future. He explained how he went from coming to America with nothing but, then was able to find a job and a roof to put over his head. He seemed to be very pleased with his experience in America overall and excouraged others to take a chance too.

In the letters by Stille and Krumme family, they give you a much broader insight on “chain migration” unlike the reading above. You basically just see what it took for them to experience to finally seek a better future for themselves. They seemed to strive more once they got on their feet and were able to save a little money.

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  1. Your post definitely demonstrates the extent of the reading. After reading Martin Weitz, I also got an insight that Weltz was trying to provide for his family.

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