Week 3 Readings

In the letters from Martin Weitz, we view the life of a German immigrant in the United States and the difficulties associated with American immigration. One major difficulty Martin had was that he was not paid enough to support himself or his family overseas, and there were situations where Martin was unemployed and was not able to find employment due to his inability to speak English. The problems Martin was faced with were similar to the problems many other immigrants faced as well and these difficulties seemed to frustrate Weitz as he often mentions how difficulty it can be living in America. He also states that living in America without a job can be an awful experience. Something I noticed while reading was that Weitz believed he would be able to save money easier if he got married.

The Stile-Krumme is different from the Weitz reading because this was a set of letters sent from multiple family members. The biggest effect of this difference is that the perspective between the two change. While the perspectives between the two are different they still share the same idea that making a living in America can be a very difficult ordeal. The letters show the effect of chain migration as it shows how many people immigrate to different locations in order to support their families somewhere else. something I also noticed was how the Stile-Krumme family was slightly better off than Weitz because the family came from a place of slightly more wealth and had a larger family to help support him. These readings also touch on the fact that learning English is crucial to obtaining a job in America

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