Week Nine: A Gentleman’s Agreement.

A Gentleman’s Agreement is a black and white, 1947 movie that follows the life of journalist Philip Schuyler Green, who is played by Georgy Peck. At the beginning of the movie, he is asked to write an article on the topic “Anti-Semitism.” Yet, at first, he considers whether or not he should write the article, but after describing what ant Semitism is to his son, he takes on the assignment. After first, he struggles with the assignment, as he does not know what to write it on. Therefore, he decides that in order to write this article, he needs to take on the role of pretending to be Jewish, in order to get a first-hand account of how the Jewish are being treated in the United States. This includes changing his last name from Green to Greenburg. Along the way of conducting first-hand accounts, he experiences problems that included discrimination involving housing and even his job. Not only, is he experiencing problems, but he witnesses the hardships, of other Jewish people. One of the problems was how Jewish people found it hard in acquiring a job with their Jewish name but found a job after using their American name. Another incident was how people made rudely and cruel jokes about them and their money. While he is was pretending to be Jewish, the effects, found their way into his son’s life, which caused his son to be bullied at school, along with many other problems Philip encountered during his eight weeks.

Meanwhile throughout the movie, Philip is dating a women by the name of Kathy. When Philip tells her about his assignment, she is hesitant at first, and does not like the idea, given the fact that she is fearful of what is going to happen to him, and what people will say. Needless to say, that by the end of the film, she grows to accept it, after not speaking up.

Personally, I did not know what to make of this movie. While I was watching the beginning of the movie, I did not see where the plot was going. However, after he was assigned to write the article, I became more interested in the movie. Especially, in how he was going to write the article. It fascinated me, to see the portrayal of anti-Semitism in America. To be honest, I knew that during World War ll, millions of Jewish immigrants arrived in the United States, hoping to escape the nightmare of Europe, but I did not know that there were problems that arose amongst them after the war, and restricting and harsh treatments of Jewish people went through in the United States. I think that this movie, portrayals the reality of anti-Semitism, in America following the end of the Second World War.

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